One Donation. One Little's Potential.


It’s that simple. We know that matching children with caring, committed mentors changes lives. When you donate, you support matches like Lon and Johnny. But, you also empower an entire family, which strengthens our community one family at a time.

Johnny’s mom, Christa, has enrolled six of her eight kids in Big Brothers Big Sisters over the years. Colanda, Christa’s oldest daughter who was a Little Sister for six years, started college this fall, becoming the first in her family to do so. The transformation Christa has witnessed in her family over the years is beyond her wildest dreams, but Johnny stands out in particular.

As Johnny got older, he started being bullied at school. He struggled with how to handle this and the pressure resulted in some bad decisions. Big Brother Lon was there during this difficult time, not to judge, but to listen and support Johnny and his mom. Lon and Johnny have had a lot of fun over the last four years discovering new things. Lon has also taught Johnny about confidence, respect, commitment, important life skills and how to be a responsible young man.

Matches like Lon and Johnny are only possible with donors like you. Will you stand with us as Defenders of Potential? Donate today!